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Automate your Recruitment Process with Match Resources and Zoho Recruit

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Match Resources is in partnership with Zoho in helping companies automate their hiring process and make it seamless, effortless, and manageable.

For your business to understand better how it works, we’ll give you a brief description of how Zoho Recruit works. It is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that's built to provide diverse, end-to-end hiring solutions for recruitment

agencies, corporate HRs, and a temporary workforce.

Recruitment Agencies can:

  • Instantly search candidates with Zoho Recruit’s powerful Source Boosters.

  • Maintain safe, compliant, and inclusive hiring practices with background screening functionality.

  • Make informed hiring decisions based on a comprehensive view of candidate statuses.

  • Simplify the job application process by auto-filling information from their LinkedIn profiles.

  • Keep your teammates on the same page by creating a blueprint that prompts users.

  • Generate formatted resumes for your candidates with your company logo and more.

Corporate HR’s can:

  • Leverage your workforce as a sourcing extension through employee referrals.

  • Digitize your offer letter process by creating templates for candidates to accept the job.

  • Extend the look and feel of your brand by customizing your Careers page.

  • Create pre-screening assessments to measure candidate skills.

  • Grant user access to groups based on the characteristic of the accounts.

Temporary workforce can:

  • Effortless and conflict-free scheduling of all your temps, clients, and jobs in one place.

  • Create and manage timesheets, across your temps and jobs.

  • Generate invoices immediately when a job is completed.

  • Temps can accept or reject the job offers through a temp portal or via email/SMS.

  • Update work, clock hours, and send timesheets for review with our mobile app.

  • Track jobs offer and view upcoming, current, and completed projects.

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