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How do I cancel my Work Holiday Pass?

We’ve been receiving a lot of inquires regarding Work Holiday Pass Cancelations. We decided to write an article about it to help and guide Work Holiday Pass Holders on what they should do.

Allow us to share you some FAQ’s to guide you on your Work Holiday Pass:

When should I cancel my Work Holiday Pass?

You need to cancel a Work Holiday Pass immediately after you completed your employment in Singapore. Alternatively, you can also cancel it before the end of its 6-month validity period.

Who can cancel Work Holiday Pass?

Cancellation can be done by the appointed Employment Agents.

How long does the cancellation take?

Cancellation is immediate.

Please note that you can issue a 30-day Short-Term Visit Pass (STVP) to allow the pass holder to stay in Singapore before departing. The pass holder must give the STVP to the immigration officer when leaving Singapore. You can only re-apply for another Work Holiday Pass after 12 months from the day your previous one had expired or was canceled.

Need help on canceling your Work Holiday Pass? Contact us and we will assist you on filing it instantaneously. Call us at 6653 1198 for a free consultation!

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