• Cecile Santos

Our Covid-19 Vaccination Journey

Ever since the pandemic began, we have been working remotely. Our team is located in different countries but we manage to deliver the best possible service we can provide to our clients with no disruptions.

As the pandemic strikes all of us, we have so many limitations on what we can do. We can't meet clients face-to-face, traveling, and team gatherings are not allowed. Luckily, we are prepared for the remote work setup.

Earlier this year, news for starting COVID-19 vaccination has been widely spread globally and we all hope to be vaccinated and slowly start living safe and normal once again.

2 of us from the team have been vaccinated already in different countries - Malaysia and the Philippines.

Both countries have a similar process for vaccination. They provide a link to register for the schedule. It took months before we receive a confirmation that we are scheduled to have our first dose of AstraZeneca.

The line was long, cueing to get vaccinated takes hours before you reach your turn. It is terrifying to be in a crowded place but, in a way, the people became responsible enough to follow protocols on social distancing and wearing face masks.

After hours of waiting, we finally had our first vaccine shot. It was discussed before getting our vaccines that there might be some side effects that we may experience such as having fever, and allergies. Both of us only experienced feeling a bit heavy on the arms where we were vaccinated.

It is quite a long journey but we made it! We are about to get our second jab in the last week of July.

We hope everyone will have their turn to be vaccinated so we are all safe from the virus and we can all return to our normal routines.

What's your Covid-19 vaccination story? Share with us, we'd love to hear them.

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