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"Match Resources has served my company very well with filling up our vacancies over the years. They've been always on the ball, and consistently bring us quality candidates on hand. Given our fast-paced demands, they always deliver quick results whenever we need them. It’s no wonder why I keep going back to Valerie and the team."

Bjorn Shen, Artichoke

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"Ever since we outsourced our payroll to Match Resources, we have managed to improve our internal processes efficiently while maintaining cost effectiveness. Each employee’s record and paperwork are properly kept and completed on time. At the same time, our employee enjoy accurate, timely and professional paycheck every month. By putting our payroll processes in hands of experts, we have managed to significantly increase our productivity."

Syerent Marcella, Metroresidences

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"Valerie and her team were also quick to organize the recruiting process for new employee and rapidly move through all steps of recruiting and interviewing process to give me some good finalist candidate options in a very short time."

KC Kwa, Justlogin

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"I recommend the services of the Match Resources Pte Ltd. Valerie and the team do an excellent job, always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates. Thank you for introducing to us your HR solutions, which helped us to be more efficient in paying the salary on time. The team is responsive to any questions that we raised and keeps me to understand the process of employee management and assist in the necessary steps. I truly appreciate your help."

Stephanie Phua, Duo Studio